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Report Domo - Marketing’s New M.O.

Marketing’s New M.O.

Why Marketing Leaders Need To Juggle Strategic, Business and Operational Goals Better Than Ever Before

Marketing has the deepest understanding of the customer, the best ability to communicate, and the most advanced understanding of digital trends, so how can it be so maligned and misunderstood? In this research report conducted by Domo, discover how operational and strategic complexity is getting in the way of success. Domo unites all sources of data from the entire business, to provide marketing teams with the tools needed to make informed decisions quickly, increase customer value, and maximise ROI.

Report Snap Shot

  • What the biggest data challenges being faced by marketing leaders are
  • How they balance short-term metrics and long-term strategy
  • If balanced skills and greater collaboration can make Marketing a central force for growth
  • What behaviors and functions your team needs to succeed