Direct vs. Programmatic: A Breakdown of Media Buying


Kristin FurjanicContent Manager at Centro

Friday, September 7, 2018

Modern AdTech has paved the way for marketers to deliver relevant and targeted advertising with ease. But what’s the difference between direct and programmatic advertising and how can it benefit you?

Infographic 4 Minutes
Direct vs. Programmatic: A Breakdown of Media Buying [Infographic]

Consumers are used to an entirely new way to shop, thanks to the Internet. Today, it’s commonplace to browse or make purchases anytime we feel like it, from wherever we are. The online revolution has also changed the way businesses purchase advertising.

In the early days of Internet ad buying, advertisers purchased ads much in the same way they did for traditional media. However, many have come to regard the old direct model as inefficient and ineffective. Today, advertisers are turning toward a new, programmatic model of media buying. This gives them a level of control and customization that would have been unthinkable in the days before e-commerce.

The programmatic model is automated and more streamlined than the direct approach, so advertisers have a number of advanced tools at their disposal. They can take advantage of real-time pricing based on the number of impressions and they have the ability to adjust their campaigns on the fly. The programmatic model also provides advertisers with extremely granular data about their campaigns.

By comparison, the traditional direct model of media buying gives advertisers fuzzier data, slower reaction times and fewer customization options. The end result is they get more bang for their buck with programmatic buying. This is why so many advertisers have switched to this model for their online campaigns.

However, many in the industry still resist the programmatic approach. If you’re on the fence about it, the accompanying infographic is a good place to start. It can help you understand the differences between direct and programmatic media buying.

Direct vs. Programmatic: A Breakdown of Media Buying

Kristin Furjanic

Kristin Furjanic is the Content Manager at Centro, and has a background in content strategy, creation, and copywriting. She understands the importance of reaching and engaging with the right audiences, and knows that original, quality content is king (—or queen). She has worked in a variety of industries, and is always ready to create, innovate, and collaborate.


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