11 Components of a Perfect Landing Page

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How your landing page is crafted can play a big part in how well it converts. So, in order to optimize your landing pages for better performance and a better ROI, make sure they have these 11 key components.

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11 Components of a Perfect Landing Page [Infographic]

While there are a lot of marketing tactics you can use for increasing email subscribers list or to generate more leads, one tactic that has proven to be quite effective in garnering the desired result is a landing page. As a single, goal-oriented web page created for a specific purpose, a landing page can help you to easily convert visitors into lucrative leads. This can help you build a customer database and increase your revenue.

However, not all landing pages that are created are successful in achieving the desired goal. This is because these landing pages, more often than not, lack essential landing page factors. Having these factors on your landing page is a must, as besides helping you improve the visual structure of your landing page, these key factors help to promote customer trust, thereby helping you generate a higher click-through-rate.

As such, if you have been searching for the best techniques to create a landing page, then here’s something just for you. The below landing page infographic comprises of 11 key elements for creating a goal-oriented landing page. Hence, check out this infographic and if you want to learn more about landing page best practices, then, click here, to read the in-depth guide

11 Components of a Perfect Landing Page [Infographic]

Author: Kristel is a Digital & Social enthusiast. She loves to write about latest trends in Social Media, SEO & Everything Digital.

Kristel Kinne

Kristel is a digital and social enthusiast. She loves to write about latest trends in social media, SEO & everything digital.


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