6 Essential Tips for Writing Captivating Product Descriptions

Monday, February 12, 2018

The contemporary marketplace is flooded with so many products. Some are essentially the same and thus may require product producers to up their game when it comes to marketing.

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6 Essential Tips for Writing Captivating Product D

An innovative way that companies use to attract and retain customers is through captivating product descriptions. Many companies often overlook the impact that a product description can have on product sales. It is not just sufficient to use product descriptions to inform but to also close sales. Thus, companies have to tweak their product descriptions to motivate consumer action.

Let’s highlight 6 essential tips for writing captivating product descriptions.

1. Create a Buyer Persona

In almost all sales and marketing linguistics, buyer personas are always present. The most basic thing to do before any marketing is to create a buyer persona. Your buyer persona embodies all the attributes of the ideal customer of your product. Essentially, it is the kind of person to whom you created the product for, and in extension, the one you’d like to sell to. A collection of these imaginary people will form your target audience.

When creating a buyer persona, an almost perfect knowledge of your customer is required. You ought to know what they like, dislike, hate, prefer or admire. You also have to know what their aspirations, tastes, beliefs and motivations are. All this information is essential to writing your product description. It will aid you in knowing the perfect way of presenting the description to increase the likelihood of the customer buying it.

2. Come Up With a Story

In most marketing circles, the ability to tell a story that sells is a great skill. Stories have for the longest time been used to create content of various types. You can similarly use a story to write a captivating product description, and to make it more memorable.

Stories have the effect of making people picture themselves using the product. They juxtapose the product to their normal daily life and they imagine the experience. This is important when the product in question is one that can’t be compared to others. For example, if your product is a laptop, you might want to highlight the main features that set it apart from other models through a story.

Even when your product is similar to others in the market, the story that accompanies it may be your winning streak.

3. Settle on a Format

Formatting is important in any form of content, product descriptions included. It ultimately determines how one will read and scan through it. When reading a product description, many people tend to skim through for the important stuff. Thus, your product description should lead them to the important stuff through the format you have used. The most effective way to do this is by using bullet points. The reader will head straight to the bullets to see what your product is all about.

Another approach is to use titles and subtitles. Format your description such that your customers know where to read when they need specific information.

4. Focus on the Benefits

The reason why customers settle for one product instead of another lies in how the benefits are revealed to them. A product may have superior features but if the benefits of these features are not given, a customer may ignore it. Therefore, as you write your description, ensure that you outline what the product can do for the customer and how it can improve their lives.

5. Eliminate the Buyer’s Guilt

Every person can relate to the feeling of guilt that comes before and after purchasing an item or service. It’s ironic that the product may even be essential to their everyday lives. For you to motivate your customer to purchase, this feeling of guilt needs to be eliminated. You can do this in your product description by reassuring them that they have made the right choice.

You can utilize the following techniques in your product description to eliminate buyer’s guilt:

  • Make it sound like a one-time offer
  • Make it look like they have found the best bargain
  • Make the product sound exclusive
  • Posture it as if they will make big savings in the long term

6. Maintain Brevity

Product description are usually concise. You should convey all your information in short sentences. Be precise. Even as you write with brevity, ensure that all your keywords are present and fit naturally into the text.

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