The Small Business Guide to Using Excel

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The thought of using Microsoft Excel daily is nightmarish to some; to others, it just doesn’t seem like a good or necessary idea. But small business owners can benefit from putting this versatile spreadsheet software at the heart of their workflow.

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The Small Business Guide to Using Excel

Over the years, Excel’s programmers have built on solid but straightforward spreadsheet capabilities and steadily turned that power to more complex functions. But much of the complexity is handled by the software itself. So even if you find the idea of managing your business through the program, you’ll likely find that the learning curve is less steep than you imagine. While Excel isn’t quite as intuitive to use as some of Microsoft’s other software, if you’re familiar with the Office suite then you already have a head start.

The beauty of Excel is that everything connects. For example, you can link your invoices to your accounts and your payroll to your rotas. And Excel is also smart. Think about using it to create an inventory of your assets that actually tracks their depreciation over time. So much better than getting a nasty surprise when it comes time to sell up.

For more insight on what small businesses can achieve with Microsoft Excel, and pointers on how to do so, check out this new visual guide from Headway Capital.

Microsoft Excel guide for SME owners

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