3 Ways to Make Your Business Appear Bigger Than It Is


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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

As a small company, making your business look bigger than it is offers a number of benefits, including how it is perceived by customers and other companies.

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3 Ways to Make Your Business Appear Bigger Than It

Although being a smaller business has a number of benefits, including having the ability to be agile and alter your direction, there are times when it pays to be big. Making your company look larger than it is can help it build credibility and trust in your industry, as well as increase visibility among your target customers.

As there are a number of ways you can make your business seem much larger than it is, this means you don’t need to hire more staff or try to rapidly grow your business. Even small budgets can be made to look bigger if you invest in the right areas to make your SME look like a large corporation. Here are some ways that you can make your company seem larger:

1. Invest in your website

The first impression that your business offers to many potential clients or customers is your website. The way your website looks and functions, as well as the information that can be found on it are all important when it comes to making your business look bigger, as well as professional.

As Forbes notes, customers are "likely to dismiss you entirely... should they believe your website doesn't reflect the kind of experience your business - or business like yours - should offer". Ensuring you invest in building and maintaining your website is vital to making the best first impression and increasing engagement of current and potential customers.

2. Grow your social media presence

Websites aren't always the first online port of call for people looking at your business. The rise of social media means that customers are more likely to go to your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram. Creating a marketing budget that means you have time and money to put into maintaining your social presence is just as important, therefore, as your website.

Inc highlights the fact that while websites establish the existence of a brand, it is social media that shows that the brand is active, helping to legitimize it. Regular and professional posting can help to create the impression that you are larger than you are.

3. Register as a company

Incorporating your business is a fairly quick way to make the company look bigger than it is. The process depends on what country you want to register your organisation in, and some will require different procedures if you are not a resident of this country.

There can be a number of benefits to making the switch from being self-employed to making your company official. As well as tax changes, it's a fantastic way of making yourself look more professional and your company bigger than it actually is. This may include taking on more responsibilities but the advantages can often outweigh any additional work you have to put in.

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