Developing and Implementing an Internalization Strategy for an SME


Patrick DalyFounder and Managing Director of Alba Logistic

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

SMEs that decide to take their business to a higher international level have a lot to gain from globalization.

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Developing and Implementing an Internalization Str
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Different businesses are being globally competitive nowadays; various industries are taking their SME’s into highly dynamic and turbulent environments.

The purpose of developing your SME is to improve its potential in all aspects of global competition with a quality service for the consumer's benefit. Preparing your business for this internationalization has also become a smooth flow of improvement because of the different applications of developing and implementing a strategy.

Before you grow on an international level, ask the critical questions to investigate a few vital factors such as how your business will navigate to foreign soil. Something else you should consider is knowing your company’s strength and weaknesses; this may vary by looking into the competitive advantage of your current products and services, but also looking at what your company is not capable of at the present time.

To learn more about the different techniques that you should consider for your business, check the infographic below.

Alba Consulting provides tips on how SMEs can develop and implement an internationalization strategy

Patrick Daly

Patrick Daly is the Founder and Managing Director of Alba Logistics and has worked in the manufacturing and logistics sector for over 25 years. He is also active on the Councils of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Ireland, and the Irish Exporters Association as well as being chairman of the Latin American Trade Forum.


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