How to Juggle Multiple Jobs like a Pro


Megan DarmodyContent Marketing Lead at Siege Media

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Serial side hustling comes with its challenges, particularly if you're already in a full-time job. So how do you ensure you get the right balance between several positions?

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How to Juggle Multiple Jobs like a Pro [Infographic]

Whether you have a full-time career with a passion project on the side or multiple freelance gigs at one time, you’re not alone. Currently, gig workers make up one-third of the US workforce, making freelance and side hustle work not just a popular trend, but a prevalent force in our economy. 

Side hustlers typically work up to three jobs at one time which is no easy feat. There’s truly an art to mastering the side hustle. Between the responsibilities, to-do lists, and finances, it takes time and commitment to balance several jobs at a time.

Below are the different types of side hustles along with popular examples:

  • App-based: food delivery, dog sitting, or rideshare driving  
  • Online: blogging, copy editing, or virtual assistance
  • Service: child care, cleaning, or food services
  • Freelance: graphic design, event planning, consulting, or writing

Side hustles can sometimes require up to 40+ hours a week, so it’s important to consider your schedule and commitment when creating a game plan or jumping into a whole new gig.

Whichever bucket of work your side hustle falls into, there are common themes to keep all of your tasks afloat, while maintaining your sanity.  ZenBusiness provides helpful statistics, tips, and tricks on how to be a serial side hustler. Juggle your jobs like a pro by checking out their infographic below. - Serial Side Hustler Infographic

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