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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

There are numerous avenues for consumers who are looking to gamify certain aspects of their lives through tracking metrics. Weight Watchers’ is just one example of a points system that a person uses to identify and reach specific benchmarks

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Track More Than Calories: Tracking Apps to Improve

But today, tracking apps are about more than just losing weight. Panda Security has collected a few particularly useful examples that span lifestyles from helping with sleep tracking and financial independence to more specific work related apps that allow for improved time management.


Overworking is a problem that has been well documented as an epidemic in the United States. Though you may think you are improving performance with longer hours, research shows that it is actually less efficient to work more. Statistics say that 40% of a workday is taken up by non-work related tasks. Ultimately, the effect of added hours creates disorganization and lack of attention on your projects at work.


Another huge time waster at work is multi-tasking. Though it may seem practical to split your time between tasks, research shows that it is terrible for work habits and that these shifts divert attention for as much as 5-10 minutes between tasks. However, organizational software can assist in focusing a work environment while preventing wasted time.

RescueTime, is an example of an application that tracks how long someone participates in a specific task and manages distractions such as social media or emails. By tracking where you spend your time, RescueTime gives a concrete indication of how much time a person is actually spending working and can show them how to be more on target with their projects.


Another example of a useful app at work is Clara, a scheduling application that acts as your own personal receptionist when it comes to scheduling and altering meeting times and locations. Designed for HR protocols, Clara is especially useful for organizing interviews with potential job candidates but is just as handy for meetings with multi-level teams.

IT professionals often use Clara to schedule trainings or service calls. Because the app is always available to make scheduling shifts, it is also ideal for internationally coordinated video conferencing.

There are many additional ways to track your life that can make you more proficient in your career. Take a look at the ones outlined below, courtesy of Panda Security. You never know, an app that helps you sleep better, like Pillow, may also make a huge difference in your ability to be more useful (or at least be lift your spirits) at work.

Panda Security lists the most common tracking apps that people can use to track their goals

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