5 Tips When Asking for a Pay Rise

Friday, February 24, 2023

Do you feel like you're not getting paid enough? Well, you're not alone. Almost 1 in 2 (46%) US workers believe the size of their salary doesn't match their workload or responsibilities.

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5 Tips When Asking for a Pay Rise

In other words, you probably need (and deserve) a pay pump. And what better time to ask for one? Because while average wages are increasing, they're still failing to keep up with the cost of living.

But how do you bring up the delicate subject of a pay rise to your boss or supervisor? How should you ask for more money, and, just as importantly, when should you ask? What steps should you take to ensure you get the right answer? And what if your boss says no?!?!

This new study from NetCredit answers all those questions. It looked at dozens of the best online business and management resources to create a complete guide to asking for a pay rise.

The study outlines 5 perfect scenarios for bringing up a discussion about your salary and what to say once you've got your manager's attention.

There's advice for workers who've taken on more responsibility and want a salary that reflects their extra commitment. And there are some top tips for addressing the gender pay gap.

You deserve what you deserve. So read on, then use the tips to make sure you get it.

NetCredit visual on how to ask for a pay rise

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