Should You Quit Your Job?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Are you not satisfied with your job? If yes, taking the decision to quit is a huge step. View this infographic to help decide whether quitting your job is a good decision or not.

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Should You Quit Your Job?

What proportion of Americans do you estimate to be satisfied with their jobs? 90%? 75%?

Lower still. Just 51% “feel overall satisfied with their job” according to a 2018 survey by The Conference Board. In other words, statistically, if you feel satisfied with your job, the guy sitting next to you doesn’t. But if you followed that headline here, chances are you’re the one with itchy feet.

Unfortunately leaving a job isn’t always as simple as that – or the dissatisfied 49% would have done something about it. With healthcare insurance to pay for, the tax breaks of the rich to subsidize, and food to put on the table, most of us can’t afford to just walk out of a job because it doesn’t ‘satisfy’ us.

You only get one life. But you can have multiple careers if the current one isn’t helping you to be a happy, healthy, fulfilled member of your community.

With that in mind, have put together a full guide to help you decide whether quitting work is a good decision or not. Check it out, and climb out of that 49% to make the best of yourself and your potential.

A flow chart diagram that helps employees decide whether quitting your job is the right decision or not

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