Managing Your Workforce When the Summer Season Hits


Gerry SoCFO and Co-founder of Okappy

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Summer has officially begun, and just as quickly as temperatures are rising, workers are taking their annual leave. How do you effectively manage your workforce and ensure jobs get done without stressing out your employees?

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Managing Your Workforce When the Summer Season Hit

It is the most popular season for employees to go on holidays, which also means productivity in your company can suffer. As staff become scarce, summer can come to be a time of increased stress where responsibility for ensuring clients receive quality service doubles.

What happens when you have less staff?

When staff are out of office, it is easy to become trapped in vast amounts of paperwork and misinformation. Invoices and job sheets get lost and tracking the progression of work can become an impossible task. The one person you need to get hold of for information is inevitably impossible to reach, and straightforward tasks become a nightmare due to lack of communication. The only way to achieve a satisfactory work-life balance and not spend the summer overworked is by having a definite plan to manage your workforce efficiently - whether they are out on holiday or not!

What’s the solution?

Having a system that supports remote working can be a significant advantage during this time of the year. The last 20 years have marked the decline in the popularity of two-week holidays and the rise of short breaks according to the ONS. As workers take more frequent breaks, it is essential to have a system that supports their needs and guarantees flexibility in the workplace. Workers who are parents are also more likely to be involved in a company that promotes these arrangements as it allows them to become more involved in the day to day life of their kids.

A lot of companies have found that they can support remote working and improve their communication throughout the year is by using a system like Okappy, which allows anyone to log in and see the status of a job. With information being logged in and quickly accessible with real-time updates, there is no cross information or need to chase people for answers. It also allows workers to work remotely and keep informed at all times.

According to Ellie Cray, Clime Control Administrator at All Seasons,

The simplicity of Okappy was definitely a plus for us. It’s just nice not to have to rely on one sort of person or wait to get the information from them if we were desperately needing it. Everything we need is all in one place. It’s all quite open. Whoever needs the information can get hold of it.


If the information is available at all times for employees and employers when the summer holidays hit and the workforce becomes less present, it is still possible to keep on top of job progression. It will help ensure that long, summer evenings are spent being enjoyed and not overworked and will make a time of the year, that is often less productive and more stressful, easier to manage for everyone involved.

Gerry So

I believe business can be a force for good, but all too often work ends up being painful as companies are overloaded with admin, paperwork and masses of emails. My mission is to improve the working lives of construction companies, giving them complete control of every job every step of the way and have some fun!


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