16 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Productive


Jamela AdamJunior Content Marketing Specialist at Siege Media

Monday, June 14, 2021

Office ergonomics like lighting are crucial to the productivity and wellbeing of employees but are often overlooked by businesses.

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16 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Productive

To ensure employees are working in an environment that is conducive to high performance and focus, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of lighting in the workplace. Are your employees complaining about eye strain and fatigue? Here are the best office lighting ideas to help upgrade your office and improve employee wellness.

Maximize natural lighting

Natural lighting is one of the best office lighting options you can choose from. In fact, research shows that compared to employees who worked in windowless environments, those who were exposed to natural sunlight throughout the workweek not only slept better but exercised more as well.

If your workplace is situated in a dim and windowless room, consider installing windows, moving to an area with more exposure to sunlight, or using LED lights that mimic natural lighting.

Opt for cooler tones

The color temperature of office lighting can affect employee productivity as well. Warmer tones tend to induce a feeling of relaxation and calmness, whereas cooler tones are great for improving overall alertness and focus.

In office areas such as the conference room or brainstorming room, consider going for cooler color temperatures to increase employee concentration.

Use layered light sources

Using layered light sources means using multiple light fixtures to create a well-lit and vibrant space. A dim environment is the last place you’d want your employees to work in. To ensure employees have access to sufficient lighting, especially when working on computers, make sure to supplement overhead lighting with task lights such as desk lamps.

Ready to upgrade your office lighting? Head over to Zoro to shop for the best lighting options for your workplace.

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Jamela Adam

Junior Content Marketing Specialist at Siege Media

Jamela is a Mexico city-based Junior Content Marketing Specialist at Siege Media. In her spare time, she loves solo traveling, exploring new cuisines, and reading a good book.


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