4 Quick Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile


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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Your LinkedIn profile is a gateway to improved recognition and better employment opportunities, but is yours up to scratch?

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4 Quick Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Keeping your LinkedIn updated and as effective as possible can be a challenge. Whether you're just short on time or it feels like you constantly have new things to add or update because you're passionate about continued professional development (CPD), having a profile that works the way you want it to can be easier said than done.

However, a LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways of getting noticed by those who matter. Of course, this is especially advantageous if you're looking for a new job but can also be incredibly important if you're satisfied in your current role.

LinkedIn can be effective if you're looking to become a thought leader in your field, with organizers often looking to the social platform for industry events. If your profile isn't standing out or saying the right things, you could be missing out on various opportunities to share your expertise and even further it by attending.

1. Keep up it up to date

Whether you've switched jobs, taken on more responsibility in your current role or just learnt and developed your experience, ensuring your profile is as up to date as possible is crucial if you want it to stand out to the right people. If this is something that just keeps slipping your mind, set aside a block once a month in your calendar to go through your profile and add/amend/delete information.

Perhaps you think you don't have anything else to add? Browse LinkedIn for professionals in similar roles to you and ensure you measure up.

2. Showcase your work

Pictures speak louder than words so make sure you're using them wherever you can. Those involved in management often struggle with this as their best work often goes on behind the scenes but if there are campaigns you've had a hand in, make sure they're on your profile. Chances are, you've written or contributed to articles in your career so attach these to your LinkedIn as well - if not, write some!

3. Get endorsed

Often you add your skills and forget about them but getting other connections to endorse you helps your profile to stand out in a crowd. You might feel awkward about asking people for support but start by browsing professionals you have worked with and endorse their skills. A great place to begin is with your current co-workers and you'll probably find the gesture is reciprocated, beefing up your profile and fostering closer ties with your colleagues.

Recommendations are also a fantastic way to showcase your talents. They take a little more care and consideration but are worth it in the long run, especially if you are looking for a new job. You can easily send them a personalized request or give them one and hope for the best.

4. Customize your URL

As default, your LinkedIn profile is assigned a long and impersonal URL. Although this doesn't prevent people from finding you, it can look a little sloppy and unprofessional compared to customized versions. Click on your profile, then edit profile and click edit under your photo. This will take you through to the personalization section and you can make your URL your name, or something linked to your job title or experience.

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