How Sleep Influences Work Productivity


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Friday, September 6, 2019

Productivity at work all starts with a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re coming back from a work trip in a different time zone or maternity leave, our body’s internal clocks are sensitive to energy-sucking external factors like travel or caring for a newborn.

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How Sleep Influences Work Productivity

We all have an internal sleep/wake cycle called a circadian rhythm, which impacts our productivity and ability to focus. Disrupting your body’s regular schedule could impact our overall health and wellbeing. Taking time to recharge helps us consistently reach performance goals and meet deadlines at work. Read on for tips on how to reset your sleep schedule.


People would rise and wind down with the sun’s natural patterns before the era of artificial lighting. If you’re experiencing jet-lag, remove any blackout curtains to let the sun in.

Sunlight can naturally inform your body when it’s morning and time to start the day. This helps your internal clock get back on schedule, especially when returning from abroad. Furthermore, trading shutters for thin curtains allow for more natural light without compromising on privacy. 

Regular exercise

Restlessness can negatively impact your quality of sleep and physical activity levels. It creates an unhealthy cycle of poor sleep and unproductive days. Working out 3-4 times a week can counteract this negative cycle, restlessness and promote healthy lifestyles.

In fact, regular morning exercise regulates our circadian rhythms. This can help international workers get back on their healthy sleep schedules and maintain high productivity levels.

Sunlight and regular exercise are just two of many solutions to getting the sleep our bodies need. Check out the full Casper infographic below for more tips to helping you be as productive as possible!

Casper provides 15 data-backed tips to help improve your sleep schedule

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