The 11 Biggest Timewasters Stopping You From Being Productive


Jennifer PieniazekDigital Writer at Resume Now

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Whether it’s playing Starcraft, watching funny cat videos, or reading a good book—we’ve all got our go-to escapes from the humdrum daily duties of work. But what are the top workplace time wasters?

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The 11 Biggest Timewasters Stopping You From Being Productive

Resume Now found out with a survey of over 950 professionals. The results show what Americans are indulging in while on the clock.

What was the top distraction at work?

They’re adorable, but they’re also incorrigible time obliterators: Children. Children took a solid first place with “scrolling aimlessly on a device” in second.

And what were the other popular time wasters for those who weren’t doing things with kids or numbing their brains with mindless scrolling?

The study showed the popularity of other time wasters, such as:

  • Chatting on a messaging app.
  • Finding a partner on a dating app.
  • Social media (Facebook wasn’t as popular with the men).

And many more. Here’s some other fascinating data that came out of the study:

  • 42% of remote workers agreed that they get easily distracted when they’re supposed to be working.
  • 54% of respondents admitted to searching for new jobs while on the clock.
  • And employers might be concerned to discover that “uninspiring bosses” were one of the main causes of slacking off.

Take a look at the full study to find out more.

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Digital Writer at Resume Now

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