3 Reasons Why You Need to be a Better People Person


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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Some managers feel they can neglect people skills in favor of being 'all business'. However, this could be harming not just morale but also productivity.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to be a Better People Perso

Do you think you're a good people person at work? Some managers would say so, but many others would wonder why they would bother? After all, their job is not to make people happy, it's to fill quotas, improve productivity and increase client satisfaction.

However, a lack of social skills can be harmful to your workplace with the potential to damage staff retention, morale and productivity. Here are three reasons for you to become a better people person in order to be a better manager.

It increases productivity

A study in the Journal of Education and Health Promotion found that "there is a direct and significant correlation between socialization and productivity". Researchers found that socializing increases an employee's commitment to the organization they work for, which in turn improves their job satisfaction and eventually their productivity.

Being sociable as a manager gives your organization a friendly face, making employees feel more secure at work. Happy members of staff work harder, and are less likely to produce substandard results because they are just trying to get through the day.

It encourages development

Social skills are in demand more than ever before. Research suggests that jobs requiring above-average social skills are going to be much more prevalent in the coming years, and the US National Bureau of Economic Research has found that both employment and wages have grown for social jobs since 1980.

If your employees see your social skills in action, they will be more aware of how important this element is. This will encourage them to develop their own social skills, which will make the workplace even more productive.

It could get you a promotion

According to Vicky Oliver, a job interview consultant and career development author: "When it comes to getting promoted, you're more likely to be chosen if your boss counts 'people person' among your many assets."

Social skills are in demand and will improving with age, giving older professionals an advantage. This is something you can keep developing throughout your career, and it will benefit you if you do.

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