10 Great Questions You Should Be Asking at Work

Friday, January 24, 2020

Fallibility is a greatly underrated strength. The wisest – and often most accomplished - among us are those whose sense of humility remains acute even as their successes mount up. In short, without admitting there’s stuff you don’t know, how do you ever expect to learn anything?

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10 Great Questions You Should Be Asking at Work

To put this into a more active context, asking questions reveals more about how smart you are than how little you know. If everybody would ask more questions at work, there would be a lot fewer mistakes – and a ton more great innovations.

Such are the conclusions drawn in this excellent new visual resource from the people at NetCredit. And the researchers point out that not only does asking more and better questions keep you well-informed and increase your understanding, but will also make you look more competent, likeable, and responsive.

What’s the secret? Well, there are some good principles to bear in mind;

  • Asking open questions (rather than yes/no questions) gets you more information and helps to improve bonds between people.
  • And knowing how to ask the right question at the right time is also a low-key superpower.

But the takeaway is to begin by asking yourself one, simple question: why? When you quickly analyze exactly why you need to ask a question, you can help yourself to formulate it in the strongest way possible.

This infographic highlights how to ask great questions at work

Graeme John Cole


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