Your Guide to Fleet Tire Maintenance


Mark Dressekie Owner of First Aid Wheels

Monday, July 29, 2019

Approximately one-third of the fleet's maintenance budget is spent on tires. Creating a comprehensive tire maintenance policy can help to ensure greater driver safety and improved efficiency.

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Your Guide to Fleet Tire Maintenance

The link between tire maintenance & employee safety

When it comes to managing a business, employee health and safety needs to be priority number one. For fleets, this means making sure that vehicles are in prime condition. Poorly-maintained wheels significantly raise the risk of an accident and puts drivers in unnecessary danger.

How proper tire maintenance can reduce vehicle downtime

You lose money for every minute fleet vehicles spend off the road and in the garage. According to data from Element Fleet, downtime costs fleets an average of $448 - $760 per day, per vehicle. Instituting a rigorous tire maintenance policy can help to reduce vehicle downtime, thereby saving you money while also boosting efficiency.

This infographic guide from First Aid Wheels will take you through the importance of using premium tires, key safety checks and offers numerous tire maintenance tips.

First Aid Wheels highlights the importance of tire maintenance for fleets

Mark Dressekie

Mark Dressekie is the owner of First Aid Wheels, a wheel refurbishment and repair shop in London. In addition to his mechanical work, he also contributes articles related to wheels and tyres in the hope that motorists will learn new information that they can apply in real-life driving situations.


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