3 Steps to Writing the Perfect Mission Statement


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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mission statements are a great way of summing up your company and letting potential customers know exactly what you can do for them. But how do you write a mission statement?

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3 Steps to Writing the Perfect Mission Statement

Mission statements are an incredibly useful thing for any company to have. Not only does it let your potential customers know what they can expect from you, but it can also bring people together internally.

Having a mission statement is a great way to ensure that everyone knows what is at the core of the business. It's also something that marketing, sales and anyone else in the company can refer to when making decisions about the business as a whole.

But how do you write a mission statement?

It can seem like a big task. Summing up your entire company in a few short sentences or even in a few words. But just the process of writing a mission statement can be worthwhile for any startup or small business, as well as larger ones, as it helps you to focus on what it is you're trying to achieve.

1. Get everyone involved

As a startup, you probably only have a handful of people involved in the business. Even if you have more, it's important that everyone who is tied to the company has a say in what the mission statement should be. Not only does this make sure that it reflects what each professional feels is important about the business, but it also ensures that it's not just left down to one single person.

You may have to do this in a number of small groups, depending on how many people you want to involve, or as one big brainstorm. Either way, it's important to remember that the mission statement doesn't have to be permanent and can be changed over time. There's also no rush to create one. It's much better to wait and come up with the ideal mission statement than hurry to arrive at the wrong one.

2. Focus on why you set up the business

Why did you create the product or service? This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself (and others) when trying to develop a mission statement. You need to arrive at the core reasons behind the business and why people need it. Other questions like 'what are you most proud of', 'why is it necessary', and 'why should people choose us', can all help focus your team on the right mission statement.

3. Encourage flexibility

The perfect mission statement is one that changes as the business grows and evolves. As you take on more staff or clients and expand your offering, you will need to change it and that's completely fine.

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