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Report Supermicro - Rack Scale Solutions

Rack Scale Solutions

Large Scale AI Training with Liquid Cooling

Supermicro's liquid cooling solution is ideal for customers to reduce costs and lower their cooling energy usage. Ideal for data center operators, this solution offers a range of tested high performance AI training configurations, from single server to a single rack, to multiple racks. The ideal server for medium to high end AI training is the Supermicro GPU server with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, connected with the NVIDIA NVLink® Switch System. Up to 256 H100 GPUs can be connected together to accelerate exascale workloads. Supermicro's rack scale integration expertise reduces implementation times at data centers, and with comprehensive multi-rack testing, giving customers the confidence that the entire system will work on day 1! Learn more about how your AI infrastructure can scale with Supermicro AI Liquid Cooled rack scale solutions today!

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This brief covers:

  • Advantages of scale AI solutions
  • Processors and networking
  • Solution highlights and customer benefits