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Ebook Why is My Automation Program Failing?

Why is My Automation Program Failing?

He had his head in his hands, metaphorically speaking.

As the executive sponsor for a major automation program at a large financial institution (let’s call him John), he was supposed to be the person to deliver greater efficiency, reduced cycle times and vast cost savings. His CEO had read the articles, attended the seminars and bought the hype – every firm on Wall Street was undergoing a massive transformation to a digital workforce, and he needed to do the same...

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"Our research suggests that almost 80% of financial institutions have implemented RPA to some extent, with much of the “low hanging fruit” now automated. So why is John not being feted as a hero? The truth is that the large majority of automation projects have not delivered the expected return on investment, whether that return is defined in financial or non-financial terms. Our work suggests there are three primary reasons."