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Podcast Pondurance Making a Dent in the Fight Against Cybercrime

Making a Dent in the Fight Against Cybercrime

Tackling the Cybercrime Pandemic

Cyberattacks against governments and large corporations have spiked in the last year. As a result, cybersecurity leaders have branded this new decade as a health and cyber pandemic. From the SolarWinds hack to the Microsoft Exchange Server exploit, cybercriminals have taken full advantage of the disorderly environment caused by COVID-19 and used it as their playground. Is it time for everyone to pull together in the fight against cybercrime?

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  • Today's global threat landscape.
  • The power of U.S. government state surveillance and the Civilian Cyber Security Reserve.
  • Common cybersecurity pain points for modern businesses.
  • SIEM vs. managed detection and response vs. extended detection and response effectivity.
  • Pondurance's approach to navigating the complex cybersecurity space.