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Report infor 4 Ways to Stay Ahead of Global Workforce Compliance Risk

4 Ways to Stay Ahead of Global Workforce Compliance Risk

Evolving workplaces will require new skill sets, bringing new opportunities and risks

The future of work will feature diverse teams operating globally, with jobs and roles impacted by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, analytics, and mobility tools. While global workforce skills are evolving, monitoring labour compliance remains urgent. Organisations perform compliance monitoring with outdated software solutions, creating errors that can lead to fines, class action lawsuits, expensive settlements with workers, or delayed market access. The right tools can help you stay ahead of these risks, while preparing for future challenges.

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  •  4 ways to manage global workforce compliance risks
  •  Monitoring local compliance laws with one system
  •  Choosing a system that can not only be localized but industry-specific
  •  And more!