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Report VMware Key Considerations for Moving to a Digital Workspace

Key Considerations for Moving to a Digital Workspace

IT needs a new approach in a changing world - it's time for a digital workplace strategy.

Cloud technology and mobility are changing the way people work, and redefining priorities for the technology teams that support them. And yet, while perhaps an obvious trend, surveys indicate that there is still a significant disconnect between CIOs and end users. The fact is that today’s business users expect the same level of flexibility, choice, convenience, and self-service that they enjoy in their personal lives. And IT organisations are under pressure to deliver the agility and user-centric experience their businesses demand. In this guide, discover why it's time for a digital workspace strategy.

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What is a digital workspace?

A digital workspace is a unified and persistent end user experience that enables users to simply and securely gain access to the applications, services, data, and experiences across devices, networks, locations, or operating systems.