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Security Compass, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and advisory services, enables organizations to adopt Balanced Development Automation for rapid and secure application development. With their flagship product, SD Elements, the company helps automate significant portions of proactive manual processes for security and compliance that improves time to market for new technology. In addition, they offer advisory services on how organizations can embrace emerging technologies like cloud to strengthen their security posture. Security Compass is the trusted solution provider to leading financial organizations, technology enablers, and renowned global brands.

Do you need to reduce software time to market without compromising security?

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Do you need to manage risks without slowing down?

We understand - we created SD Elements to address these concerns and others.

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Threat Modeling

Automate threat modeling for better security and faster development.

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Multinational Conglomerate Implements SD Elements to Improve Software Security and Time to Market

Multinational Conglomerate Implements SD Elements to Improve Software Security and Time to Market

Like many organizations, our client was dealing with inefficient and inadequate processes that were requried to ensure that they developed secure products. Keeping up with evolving industry standards and best practices was very challenging. They were struggling with spreadsheets and defining a secure software development process that could easily scale across their organization.

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"Managing the diverse security and compliance requirements in the software development processes of a very large organization with a single solution can be a very difficult task. SD Elements enables just that." - Ehsan Foroughi, VP SD Elements, Security Compass

SD Elements is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our platform enables you to build digital products faster by automating proactive security and compliance processes.