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Why Culture is the Greatest Barrier to Data Success


To be successful with data and analytics, organizations must evolve and change the ways in which they structure current business processes.

Snowplow Anatlyics -  Taking Ownership of Your Data Pr

How to Create a Culture of Data Excellence by Taking Ownership of Your Data Processing

When data is a strategic asset, businesses actively do more to take better care of what happens to it. Every business is reliant on data to help them make informed business decisions. While measuring clicks and conversions is enough for some, those wishing to get under the hood of their business need to take a different approach. Download this report to understand why data means for your business, and how you can take ownership of your data processing.

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When an organisation has made the strategic decision to invest in building out their own data asset and data capability, traditional packaged analytics tools are unlikely to provide the insights required to take appropriate actions.

When you know your data is trustworthy, you can be confident that you’re making decisions based on all the facts.

4 Steps to Confident Decision Making


As data volumes dramatically increase, enterprises are in danger of being overrun by unstructured data.

Storage Strategies for Long-Term Data Retention


Data center checklist: Your guide to selecting the right data center

Placing your trust in the wrong data center could lead to issues with poor connectivity, power outages, limited growth/scaling and even physical security breaches.