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Ebook Identify the Skills Employees Need to Succeed

Identify the Skills Employees Need to Succeed

What skills your employees should learn to succeed in a constantly changing environment? What steps do you need to follow to establish skills as the main language of your people’s growth and success?

It’s an environment of unprecedented business transformation and major shifts in the way we work, and the skills needed to succeed. Now more than ever, employees need to be adaptable, able to pivot, and ready to take on any challenge. This ebook will walk you through three crucial steps you need to follow in order to make your employees future-ready.

Report Snap Shot

  • By 2025, 44% of the skills that employees will need to perform their roles effectively will change.
  • Also, 47% of employees are concerned their role will change significantly and another 30% are concerned their job won’t be needed in the next few years.