Your People Matter: How AI-Powered HR Software Can Enhance Individual Growth


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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

AI-powered software plays a significant role in HR and learning and development as it can transform and enhance individual growth. But how?

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Your People Matter: How AI-Powered HR Software Can Enhance Individual Growth
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Artificial intelligence adoption in UK businesses is expected to reach 22.7% by 2025, and a third of businesses expect to have at least one AI tool by 2040. While this may not seem like significant uptake, AI software’s role in HR and learning and development is transformative. AI-powered HR software empowers individuals in their training experiences and provides them with valuable tools for growth.

Let’s explore AI-powered software in more detail and discover its role in enhancing individual growth.

The power of AI in HR

There are multiple ways AI-powered software can be valuable in any HR department. Consider how AI can support different stages of the employee lifecycle. You’ll find many points at which an AI solution could improve operations, streamline activity, and enhance the HR function in general.


During the sourcing stage of the employee lifecycle, prospective candidates learn about your vacancy and look to find out more about your organisation. You need your job advertisements to be available and in front of the right people. The right AI-powered application can be used to present job openings to target candidates. It can be used to programmatically purchase advertising in the right demographic areas, industry segments, and interest areas.


Screening is one of the most labour-intensive and drawn-out stages of the employee journey. AI-powered tools such as those utilising text analytics can use pattern-matching to identify applicants who match the skills required for a role. The right software can help cut a huge pile of applications into only those that genuinely fit the role requirements and can be worked through manually.

Candidate matching

Many AI software programmes can compare and match up candidate profiles to the requirements for the role. Certain software programmes can compare a candidate’s assessment with the results of successful people in any given role and predict how likely they are to succeed in the same position. This can help find the right candidate for a specific role.

Training and skills development

AI-driven training tools and customised e-learning software can help to identify skills gaps in your organisation and individuals. It can then create a personalised training programme to ensure your employees can meet the standards and gain the skills needed to excel in their position.

The benefits of AI-powered software

AI-powered software can improve many elements of recruitment and the HR department’s main processes. Investing in AI-powered HR software can benefit your organisation in the following ways:

Reduce recruiting workloads

Automation and AI can significantly decrease the time spent on the recruitment process. Hiring managers can spend less time screening applications and focus their talents on additional recruiting activities. Screening out candidates who don’t have any of the relevant qualifications for a role, for example, can take up significant time, whereas it can be completed in a matter of seconds using the right software.

Reach qualified candidates more quickly

Scanning and sorting multiple candidate applications simultaneously allows AI-powered software to pull out the best and discard those that don’t fit the role. AI speeds and refines the search process, even providing an additional qualified talent pool for vacancies that come up in the future.

Better candidate experiences

AI recruiting tools are often interactive, can have personality, and add enjoyment to the application process. Some offer intelligent chatbots or text messaging functions that make it easier for candidates to interact and also create a good impression of your employer brand.

Neutralise the risk of bias

AI software is built to be objective and devoid of personal opinion or perception. It’s a powerful way of reducing conscious and unconscious bias from the recruitment process, ensuring only the objectively best candidates are put forward.

Four ways AI-powered software can enhance individual growth and performance

AI-powered software is a beneficial investment for your HR department, and it can be used to empower and promote individual growth and better performance for your individual employees too in the following ways:

1. Personalised learning experiences

One of the most effective ways AI has been used in HR is to give employees access to fully personalised learning built upon their career goals and essentials for their job role. AI can recognise individual learning patterns and help create learning experiences that fit the individual perfectly and allow them to progress and develop in the most suitable way for their needs.

2. Workflow integrated training

Deloitte report that professionals dedicate just 1% of their time to training because they have to focus on their work. However, integrating training is easier and more effective using AI. AI can automatically break larger training programmes into small bite-sized chunks, allowing learners to “microlearn” and digest small but relevant nuggets of information as they need them. AI also helps create routines and use smart technology to incorporate the most relevant training into an employee’s daily routine.

3. Refresh and reinforce learning

The automated nature of AI means training programmes can’t simply be forgotten or waylaid. Automated learning reinforcement processes and scheduled training can be built into your employees’ experience at work so they’re reminded of essential training and can quickly get back to it. AI can also find the most effective ways to engage learners, whether that’s through gamification,mobile learning, or another more effective method.

4. AI-powered digital coaching

AI-powered digital coaches and trainers are becoming more commonplace. Many institutes and educational organisations use AI coaches to replace teachers and trainers, mimicking the expert-novice relationship required and helping to support learners with their queries. Digital coaches can also use predictive analytics and help learners find their next step to continue their development.

Embracing AI to support your Employees’ Growth

Many organisations are testing out different AI tools, and the value of AI-powered HR software reaches far beyond this department and has significant benefits across the organisation. Used well, AI can provide many strengths, from streamlining your recruitment processes to empowering your people to challenge themselves with personalised and transformative learning opportunities.

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