The State of HR: Insights for 2019 [Infographic]


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Monday, April 22, 2019

The HR environment is constantly changing, especially with new technology emerging all the time. This introduces a number of different opportunities for businesses, but also presents challenges, too. What does this mean, and how will professionals adapt?

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The State of HR: Insights for 2019 [Infographic]

Every year is often seen as a new start, although many professionals will find themselves reflecting on the previous year – whether it’s old challenges or ongoing issues. But now’s the time for businesses to be thinking about the future. In 2019, the rise in technological advancements will help HR operate more efficiently, align business needs with talent and prepare for a future of changing work patterns and rewards.

With HR now more instrumental to business success, it’s important to highlight the challenges they currently face with issues ranging from inconsistent communication within companies to hiring the best people, while also attempting to create the perfect company culture – which might also address the issue of talent retention. But what technology is required to deliver consistent internal communication, and streamline their recruitment process?

For many HR professionals, the rise in employee experience and ongoing performance reviews means that HR will be able to focus their efforts more on creating an inclusive and immersive experience that employees will benefit from. Additionally, the rise in people analytics will improve the strategic approach to talent-based decision making, thus improving the hiring and management process.

But what’s HR’s current position, and how will they address the challenges in an ever-changing landscape? Here’s our infographic that pulls together stats from our latest report and reveals the current state of HR.

The State of HR Report Insights for 2019 Infographic - IFP

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