Do Your Employees Want a Pet-Friendly Workplace?


Jennifer PieniazekWriter at LiveCareer

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Lockdowns brought out the animal lover in many of us. According to the American Pet Products Association, an estimated 23 million households added a new pet during lockdowns.

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Do Your Employees Want a Pet-Friendly Workplace?

The pet/human bonding was off the charts. Many workers didn’t want to leave their adorable animals at home when workplaces invited their employees back onsite.

Perhaps that’s why more and more workplaces are now offering pet-friendly workplaces.

But, do workers want pets in the workplace? In order to find out, LiveCareer asked 1000+ U.S. employees about their workplace pet experiences and opinions.

To give you a sense of how “pupular” workplace pets were to the survey takers:

  • 76% said working around a pet onsite was a positive experience.
  • 51% said that pet-friendly benefits are important when job searching.
  • For those who’d worked with a pet: 84% had worked with a canine, and 50% a feline.
  • 52% felt more supportive of pets in the workplace due to the pandemic.

That gives more than a “ruff” idea: a large percentage of those in the study were pro pets in the workplace.

They were aware of the possible pitfalls though, citing allergic reactions, distractions, and unsanitary conditions as top reasons for not allowing pets in the workplace.

The study also covered opinions on the top perks of workplace pets and opinions on specific workplace pet policies. Age and gender played an interesting role in who was more on board for pets in the workplace.

LiveCareer looks at the opinions of employees on pet-friendly workplaces, and whether businesses should be accomodating of animals at work

Jennifer Pieniazek

Writer at LiveCareer

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