How COVID-19 Has Changed Workplace Communications


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Thursday, August 4, 2022

A lot has changed over the course of the pandemic. Not least, how we communicate. From flexible hours and hybrid work to a boom in new communication software, businesses contended with a whole host of new challenges and opportunities.

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How COVID-19 Has Changed Workplace Communications

Building effective workplace communication systems is crucial to saving time and money, as well as increasing workplace productivity.

In May 2022, Expert Market conducted a study of 125 business leaders to explore the changing state of communication in business. Compared to their first workplace communication study two years ago, adaptations in workplace communication demonstrate a clear shift in best practices, top technologies and employee satisfaction. 

In contrast to the beginning of the pandemic, the majority of businesses view hybrid and remote work in a positive light. In Expert Market’s 2020 study, 71% of respondents believed that flexible working had negative impacts. Today, that number has fallen drastically to only 16%. From cloud-based communication systems to project management software, businesses have increasingly adopted new communication technologies to facilitate remote work. 

Among the most notable of communication culture shifts is through which tools teams prefer to communicate. In 2020, Zoom was the most popular communication platform. By 2022, it was overtaken by Slack, as businesses shifted towards instant messaging systems. 

Shifting entire business communication strategies and systems was not without its challenges. Some business leaders highlighted mental health and difficulty sustaining office culture as particular challenges throughout the last two years. However, with a majority citing improved work-life balance and productivity as major benefits, 94% plan to keep working in a hybrid or remote manner. Clearly, the pandemic has created changes that are here to stay. 

To learn more from Expert Market’s study, explore the insights in the infographic below. 

Ardziv Simonian

Content Creator at Website Builder Expert

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