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Ebook cpio-seven steps  for a New ERP Implementation

Seven Steps to Prepare for a New ERP Implementation

This is your business; your data; your vision

For any organisation, the decision to adopt a new ERP system is a major step. Currently, however, the majority of companies are feeling the impact of COVID-19. A lucky minority have seen their demand increase and are facing the challenges such as upscaling their operations, managing complex and disrupted global supply chains and adjusting to working from home (WFH). A new ERP system offers an opportunity to address all of these issues. Read this whitepaper to understand the seven steps of preparation before implementing a new ERP system. It will advise you how to balance speed of adoption while minimising the business risk associated with significant change.

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In this eBook we outline seven steps businesses should take to accelerate ERP adoption, from refining goals through data management to technology review.