3 Simple Ways to Improve Communication in HR


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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Having effective communication within your HR team is a key part of ensuring that employee wellbeing and satisfaction is consistent across the company.

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3 Simple Ways to Improve Communication in HR

Communication is an important part of smoothly running any department in a business. However, for HR teams it's even more crucial, as you rely on these professionals to effectively support the rest of the company. As well as improving communications, it’s also vital that you’re able to determine when those communications might be broken.

If you’re wanting to focus on improving your internal communications and ensure that these good practices are maintained over time, employ these 3 simple strategies:

Make knowledge easy to access

Software like Slack and Trello have made it easier than ever before to ensure that everyone in a team is kept in the loop. This is a simple and low-cost way of helping to improve communication in any team.

Of course, in an HR department you may not be able to share all documents because of privacy issues. This type of software is incredibly useful for inducting new employees and helping people who have been on leave get back up to date.

Identify the best way to communicate

The modern workplace means there are a number of ways that employees can communicate. This gives you a lot of options and can be problematic if you have individuals on a team that each prefer their own method. You need to be especially careful if you have people of different generations working on a team as they are more likely to experience communication problems, just because both of them are more comfortable using different platforms.

This should be an issue that is brought up in a team meeting, where you all arrive at a consensus for what method you will use to primarily communicate. This may depend on various scenarios, such as if an employee gets in touch you'll use X, but if it's internal communications you'll use Y instead.

Make company culture the focus

Teams will communicate better if they have a common goal and a shared culture. HR departments should aim to embody the same atmosphere that they want to see in the rest of the company.

This not only promotes consistency in the business, but also allows them to benefit from an open and friendly company culture. A great company culture will also create a fun and engaging working environment that can result in a higher level of productivity too.

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