Snowplow Analytics

Snowplow Analytics

The behavioral data platform powering your data journey.

The Snowplow story begins back in 2012 with a passion for digital event data and our excitement about what the future holds. 

At the time, we were advising companies on how they could take advantage of their mobile app and website data about how their users behaved to inform their digital strategy, product development, and marketing.

However, we kept bumping into limitations: our clients web and mobile data was “stuck” inside Google Analytics or Omniture (subsequently bought by Adobe). We were not able to perform the analysis we wanted. And it was very difficult, if not impossible, to get the underlying data out of the tools.

The idea behind Snowplow was to provide a platform to enable any company to collect their granular behavioral data for themselves, in their own cloud account, so that data analysts and scientists could free themselves from the constraints imposed by the web analytics vendors.

The idea remains the same today. Snowplow enables you to track any event data, ask any question of that data, and use any tool you want to answer it.

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