Megan Zink

Megan Zink

Senior Content Marketing Manager at ReviewTrackers & Founder, CCO at Color & Curiosity

Megan Zink works full time as a senior content marketing manager at a Chicago MarTech SaaS, and is a published photographer, writer and speaker. She is also the founder and Chief Content Officer of media platform and site for lifelong learning, Color & Curiosity. She loves the psychology of marketing and specializes in editorial work and consulting, content strategy, content architecture and creative direction.

She manages Crohn’s Disease and is an advocate for living a well-rounded life. You can usually find her getting active outdoors, learning new photography practices such as astrophotography, and leading or emceeing educational webinars, workshops and events. For consultations and more information, you can head over to this page, connect with her on LinkedIn here and follow along with her adventures on Instagram here.

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