About Us

IFP gives you access to the latest business knowledge that’s customized for you.

Finding the information you need about your business problems can be a challenge in itself. You have to spend time searching in just the right way to get the type of information you want, then wade through low quality content from different sources trying to distil what you should do next.

This wastes valuable time that professionals often can’t spare. We want to change this, reducing the time it takes to find answers and connecting you with the most relevant information to you.

Our Values

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Create and share credible, valuable and useful information.

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Cut through the noise to find the insights that matter to you.

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Support our members with their specific role, interests and goals.


We provide high quality, credible and relevant resources for senior professionals in one place. An easy to access and personalized library to help you when you are researching specific topics, seeking practical advice, or simply want to stay ahead of what’s happening in your industry. To do this we gather the best content from suppliers, brands and industry experts, as well as doing our own research.

This includes thought leadership articles and downloadable guides on all things IT, HR, Marketing, Finance and Management.

Our platform lets you select your interests to customize your experience, showing you the content that matters most to you. We’ll also highlight content that is trending with your peers in the same industry and function so you can stay up to date.