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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

With so much MarTech on the market, how do you choose the right stack for your business that will enable you to meet your goals?

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MarTech is one of the fastest-growing industries right now, which means there are a lot of different products available for marketers to choose from. Building a MarTech stack for your business can be difficult with so many options, but there are several steps you can take to create the right one.

Start with Ghostery

This free tool is invaluable for researching the right MarTech stack for your business. It visualizes the different technologies that are used on a website and shows users how they all interact with each other. You can use it to look at the sites of competitors and companies you admire, in order to understand how they are using MarTech. You will also use it to make sense of your own site once you have purchased your stack.

Use a tag manager

As a marketer, you are likely going to be faced with a huge amount of data. A lot of this will be from tags, which are installed across websites to collect analytics, as well as for advertising and other purposes. You will need a program like Google Tag Manager in order to make sense of it all and utilize your technology to the fullest.

Analyze your data

You will also need to be able to see analytics data in order to market effectively. The most well-known program for this is Google Analytics, however there are other paid programs that might be more effective for your marketing needs. Kissmetrics, for example, is more geared towards providing you with the information to help increase conversions.

Utilize a CRM

One element you will need in your Martech stack is customer relationship management (CRM) software. Salesforce is the most well-known of these, but there are more out there, such as Optimizely. This will allow you to view customer data in real-time, and use it to tailor your content and conversations; an invaluable tool for any marketer.

Being careful about what else you add

Isaac Wyatt, director of marketing operations at New Relic, told Integrate:

Your stack needs to address three essential elements: people, technology, and process.


This means anything you add to it needs to have a staff member who can be responsible for it, integrate with the rest of your MarTech and be addressing a specific business problem or process that needs improving.

Avoid falling into the trap of adding MarTech for the sake of it. It is an investment like any other, which means you will need to take care to choose the right stack for your business goals.

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