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Report ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report

ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report

This annual Webinar Benchmarks report aims to provide a foundation for what “good” looks like.

Today, the number of ways B2B professionals can engage online is larger than ever. Audiences are spoiled for choice. And, having seen the experiences they can get as consumers, from Amazon to Netflix, meeting their expectations can be harder than ever. So where does this leave the webinar? Is this channel still attracting and engaging audiences decades after its invention? This report looks into the current state of webinars, the webinar life cycle and the future of webinars, and aims to provide a foundation for what “good” looks like.

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This study examines statistics across a webinar’s lifecycle, including webinar promotion and registration metrics, interactivity metrics, audience viewing habits, and both live and on-demand attendance and conversion metrics.