How to Grow Email Leads with Webinars


Anastasia BelyhFounder of Cleverism

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

It’s fascinating to see how the digital world continuously evolves. With digital platforms dominating the trends for marketing, it’s no surprise to see how digital marketing has developed and changed over time.

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Now, you may be wondering how you can leverage digital marketing to your advantage. There are multiple strategies you could employ for your business, be it pay-per-click advertising, paid search advertising, search engine optimization or the ever-popular social media marketing.

However, the question with these strategies is what conversion rate are you actually getting through them?

This is why email marketing is still one of the most effective strategies out there. Despite the rise of new communication platforms, email marketing still garners the highest conversion rates.

Remember, your main goal for digital marketing is to turn curious customers into loyal subscribers. If used correctly, email marketing can be a powerful form of digital marketing: it can also result in a massive return on investment improved brand recognition and credibility and stronger relationships.

However, use email inefficiently and you just might find your subscriber list depleting over time.

Like any other digital marketing strategy, it’s important to make use of email marketing effectively. Here are a few tips on how you can do this:

  • Make a clear and concise landing page: Don’t just lead your subscribers to your website and expect sales coming in. Throw the fishnet and bait them with your landing page. Make it bite.
  • Eye-catching subject line: Make sure your subject line is strong and impactful and makes subscribers click on your email, but also don’t mislead them. Your subject line shouldn’t be just a clickbait.
  • Get creative with your content: Content! Content! Be creative. Entice your subscribers and make them take action.

Generating email leads

One of the most challenging parts of email marketing is generating email leads or collecting emails.

Where do we usually generate email leads? They usually come from the following:

  • Website forms
  • Landing pages
  • Referrals from the existing subscriber list
  • Webinars

The goal of getting these email leads is turning them into loyal subscribers over time through permission marketing through effective email marketing.

Why webinar - and how does it work?

Traditional lead generation mechanics usually have a lot of cold leads that have low conversion rates; you get low to zero response from them despite all the lengthy processes of time and resources you’ve invested.

This is why holding webinars is one of the most popular lead generating activities out there.

With webinars, you’re putting yourself out there for your brand. Nothing is more reliable than customers getting reassured of the existence of real people and knowing they aren’t dealing with bots.

Not only that, you’re advertising yourself as a brand with significant knowledge about your field. Consumers are more likely to trust a brand that knows what it’s doing, and by doing webinars and imparting knowledge to your audience, you’re proving to them that you’re knowledgeable in your area of expertise.

There are various benefits of hosting webinars for your business, but how can you use them to grow email leads?

1.   Choose a relevant and interesting topic

The first step in enticing an audience for your webinar is to choose a topic that isn’t only interesting but also relevant. Ask yourself:

“Does my topic help other people? Is it relevant enough? Will it make them want to click to answer and solve some of their problems? What will they take away from this?”

Asking yourself these questions will be your starting point in deciding which topic to discuss for your webinar.

After deciding which topic to go for, make sure to research, research and research!

No one wants a half-baked presentation and believe me, your audience will know right away if you’re knowledgeable enough about the topic you’re talking about.

The more you prove to yourself to your audience, the more they’re likely to keep coming back.

One of the most effective ways to decide on what kind of content to run on your webinar is to choose a topic that’s the talk of the town (and of course, something you could provide significant input to).

At the end of the day, one of your biggest goals should be to have your audience take away something from your webinar that will leave a lasting impression.

2.   Go for co-hosting partnership

They say two is better than one and that couldn’t be any truer when organizing webinars.

Webinars aren’t the easiest format to create. They require a lot of attention, research, promotion, time and preparation. They’re time-consuming. So what better way to make it easier than dividing the workload?

By choosing which brand to co-host the webinar with, you should carefully consider the following ideas:

  • Do we have a similar audience?
  • Do they offer high-quality content?
  • What kind of synergy can we bring to the table by collaborating?
  • Will I be able to reach a new audience through this collaboration?

If you have an affirmative answer to the above questions for a co-hosting partner you’re considering, make it a go.

Remember that your co-host should be someone that can bring complementary value to you and your webinar and for your audience. This will help in making sure that the additional webinar audience you’ll get (and could potentially turn into customers) are people within your target audience.

Don’t bring someone who is potentially a direct competition because you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.

Through co-hosting webinars, you can strengthen business relationships not only with your audience but with your branding partner. Hey, who knows what else that collaboration could bring forth in the future?

This can also instill a sense of authority for your brand. If your audience sees that a third-party has agreed to cooperate with you, it means you’re a brand trustworthy enough to be cooperated with and that this third-party has given the seal of credibility for your brand.

This is especially helpful when your co-hosting partner is an established and trusted personality in the industry.

Last but not the least and most probably the most important benefit is the opportunity to grow your network and leads.

With the perfect partner, the possibility of growing your partner isn’t impossible. If both you and your partner have the sizable audience, the number of leads you’ll generate will most likely double as well.

3.    Attract high-quality leads

You must know who it is exactly you want to watch your webinar. Your goal should be that these webinars are watched by high-quality leads or people that are more likely to buy your products or services.

To do this, you should be able to gather significant and relevant information from your target audience that would help you identify your audience. You can do this through sending or posting surveys for your current subscribers or on social media, online research or finding customers who have availed of the same products you’re promoting on your webinar. You can also do this by sorting out the data you collect during the webinar registration period.

Last but not the least, create a landing page. Make it so that your landing page does what’s most important: getting your most vulnerable, most high-quality leads to sign up.

4.   Promote to the right audience

So you’ve got all your content and plans down. Your job doesn’t end there - the most important part is just coming up.

Now I know promotion isn’t a term new for everyone. However, the tactics of promoting a webinar to gain an audience, specifically a new audience, requires a lot of work.

Here is a rundown of multiple activities and ways you can go about promoting your webinar:

  • Leverage your co-hosting partnership: If you’re planning on entering into a partnership for the webinar, make sure you and your partner are at winning ends in terms of gaining new leads. Make sure that your webinar is equally promoted on both sides (i.e. website posts, email brigades). This way, both parties can enjoy the benefit of gaining each other’s audiences.
  • Email blast on your current subscribers: Your current followers are your most powerful head start. Make sure your emails are content-rich with powerful CTAs that focus on the webinar.
  • Maximize social media: Get your posts running on those social media pages. Use hashtags and curate your posts that best fit the use of each social media page. Make your tone more approachable and friendly. Remember that people on social media are there to relax; talk to them casually but enticingly.
  • Try out paid social media advertising: To reach a new audience, paid social media advertising does a great job of putting your name out there. Being on top of Google Ads, Facebook Ads or on top of Twitter trends lists as a promoted tag helps in promoting your product to your target audience. While they could be pretty pricey, they’re worth the shot.

Here’s how visible you can be on top of worldwide trends as a promoted tag through Twitter paid advertising.

5.   Offer replays

It’s 2021 - people are pre-occupied and busy. We’re used to doing things at our own pace and time and you should remember this point for webinars as well.

Offering replays allow your interested audience who are otherwise busy during the allotted time for the webinar a chance to consume the content whenever and wherever they like it.

People would probably pass up the chance if they know that the webinar isn’t viewable after the live show. With a replay, you give yourself a chance for more audience access.

If you have some special promotion included during the live webinar, you could extend it through the replay as well— but for a limited time only— so that you can still instill a sense of urgency for those still wanting to watch the replay and continue to promote it at the same breath.

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