7 Expert Tips to Designing a Better Website

John Callanta

John CallantaDigital Marketing Manager at Baunfire

Thursday, July 18, 2019

With the realization that an online presence reaches more consumers than ever before comes the need for various companies to communicate with their target audiences through building a website. Having a website is not enough especially if it fails to grab the attention of its visitors.


To meet your audience’s expectations, your website needs an impactful design that is eye-catching, engaging, interactive, and user-friendly. It needs an intentional and balanced color palette derived from your company’s logo; a colorless website is bland and boring.

A website typically contains numerous textual information, and while they’re essential to communicate with customers, too much text strains the eyes. Inserting white space between paragraphs allows readers time to absorb what they’ve read.

Since interactivity is a must for websites, placing call-to-action buttons like ‘Read More’, ‘Download Now’, and ‘Buy Now’ will prompt visitors to spend more time on your site.

Since your website needs to communicate with your audience, including images of your company’s facilities and employees will encourage trust and build your brand image.

Websites that have been running for years may end up becoming outdated when not appropriately maintained resulting in the presence of dead links, creating a website that is difficult to navigate.

Proper implementation of these tips – and those below – will help in connecting with your customers. Take a look at Baunfire's infographic below for more information.


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