5 Off-Page Link Building Techniques Every Pro Should Know About


Alex MungoOwner of Go Mungo SEO

Monday, October 9, 2017

When it comes to SEO, inbound links are - and have always - played a major role in how well your site ranks with search engines. So, this is definitely not an aspect you should overlook.

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5 Off-Page Link Building Techniques Every Pro Shou

While on-page optimisation is a must, off-page SEO is where you should spend most of your efforts if you want sustained results. Here are five off-page SEO tactics everyone should be using.

Website Directory Submissions

For some reason, many people seem to overlook website directories. While Google has begun cracking down on links from low quality irrelevant directories, website directory submissions, when done correctly, can work wonders for your rankings. Make sure you pick a high authority and respected directory closely related to your niche and you’ll be able to benefit from some extra link juice.

Content Creation

Content creation is another way to attract natural links from various sources, which is the best type of link in my opinion. Creating great content that people will want to share and link to is one of the best ways to have your site be seen and improve your rankings.

Link bait is often vilified, but good link bait can do nothing but good. After all, if you deliver great content people want to link to, it’s a win-win situation. Content that works especially well for that purpose includes infographics, viral videos, how-to articles and research-oriented articles. If you aren’t familiar with content creation and don’t know where to start, you can always work with a firm like Go Mungo SEO that specializes in that area.


Working on your networking skills can pay off with great relationships and linking opportunities. You should try to build as many relationships with influential bloggers in your niche as possible. They will be more inclined to share your content with their audience which will garner more attention and links to your website. What’s even better is, that traffic will be highly targeted and the links totally organic, which is essential if you want to score points with the big G.

Optimize your Presence on Social Media

Let us be clear here, since most social media networks have “no follow” tags, you will not get direct SEO juice simply from social media links. However, links from social media will still benefit you. Google uses social signals to rank the authority of sites, and having your content or page trending on social media is a big plus SEO-wise.

Just Ask

We’re not advocating begging or bribing your way to inbound links. However, there are some occasions where it’s totally acceptable to ask a fellow publisher in your industry to link to your website. For instance, imagine that you just had a mention in an article on a news site or blog, but you were not linked back to. In this case, asking for the author to link back to you is perfectly reasonable. And if you happen to have a close relationship with the site or blogger in question, you could even ask for specific anchor text for SEO purposes.

Off page SEO isn’t rocket science, but it does demand some effort on your part. If you manage to follow some of the tips in this article, you should have no problems increasing your site’s visibility while building tons of organic links back to your site.

Alex Mungo

Owner of Go Mungo SEO

Alex Mungo is the owner of Go Mungo SEO, an online marketing agency based in Islington, London.


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