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Ebook Userlane Making the most of AI-powered sales in CRM

Making the most of AI-powered sales in CRM

How to get CRM users on your side

CRMs have rapidly evolved from databases to many organizations’ single source of truth. So it’s more important than ever to make sure CRM teams input accurate and complete data and keep them up-to-date. AI tools - both those within CRMs, or external software that works with CRM – can provide actionable insights and predictive analytics, especially when integrated with an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), so salespeople and managers have enhanced information at their fingertips. But, as in so much with technology, human-entered data is still key. Download this guide to find out how to help sales leaders maximize the amount of good data their team is entering.

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  • The growing prevalence of AI-powered sales in successful organizations 
  • The benefits of an AI-powered CRM system 
  • The pains of gains 
  • Making it useful