How to Improve Your Chances of Landing an Executive Position with a Six-Figure Salary

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Finding an executive position that pays you well can be a challenge in today's job market. But by conducting some research into your industry, you give yourself a higher chance of landing your dream job.

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Top-level executive and management roles are the most competitive positions in today's job market. In some cases, applicants are up against 100 other candidates. And every one of those rivals will have an impressive resume listing all their professional and personal achievements.

And when jobs are this competitive, small advantages make a huge difference. That's why analyzed data from thousands of job ads and LinkedIn to find out which high-paying executive jobs receive the least (and most) applications.

It means you can laser target your job search and put the odds of success in your favor. For example, vacant executive positions in the UK's private sector receive less than 5 applications. At the same, over 45 candidates compete for similar roles at private companies that pay a comparable starting salary.

Things get more competitive in the US executive job sector, where up to 150 candidates are eyeing the same prize. But while the quantity (and quality) of the competition can seem intimidating, the potential rewards are a strong incentive to pit yourself against the very best. Senior Directors, Operation Officers, and Company Vice Presidents earn up to $170,000 a year in the US. And that's just the basic salary package. Many of these jobs come with expense accounts, bonus structures, and stock options.

Now see what other high-paying executive jobs are the least and most competitive. Then use that info to plan your next career move.


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