How AI Is Changing Corporate Decision Making


Chloe KirbyWriter and Digital Marketer

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The world of corporate decision making is a convoluted web of strategy, experience, and sometimes, making an educated guess about the right way to move forward. There’s an innate human element to making decisions that affect a company and dozens if not hundreds of employees. In some cases, the feat can seem daunting. Any insight or expertise that a top-level executive can muster is well-received.

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How AI Is Changing Corporate Decision Making

Well, funnily enough, the hot tool on the market right now isn’t some trick or secret of the trade. It’s data. Better yet, AI is the best way we can utilize data and it’s seemingly the opposite of human-led decision making. Have no fear: it works and here’s how it happens.

Adopting AI for corporate decision making

Just a few years ago, things like an AI-powered BI tool and analytical algorithms didn’t make it to conversations in the boardroom. In fact, those tactics were left squarely in the data team’s offices. Now, they’re emerging to form one of the most impactful influences in corporate decision making for 2021 and beyond.

It’s all thanks to AI and the transformation occurring in many top businesses. There’s always a gap between the influence data can have on strategy and the instincts of top executives around the globe. That gap is now filled thanks to smarter AI algorithms that can predict performance and KPIs with reasonable certainty. It’s not a crystal ball into the future. It’s data being used more efficiently and effectively.

It’s no surprise that AI is shaping corporate decision making in such a huge way. There’s an innate human skill that comes with making decisions at such a high level in the business world. The real trick is gaining the necessary insights to make the right choices. Some worry that AI is kicking humans away from the decision making process but it’s actually the opposite. Now, a company’s top officers can make smarter decisions thanks to algorithms that analyze data more effectively. Here’s how it’s happening.

How does AI help humans make decisions at the corporate level?

Some worry that AI is beginning to replace a human’s role in the decision making process. In reality, the opposite is true. Most companies agree that AI can’t replace humans but it can help them.

The objective, honest nature of data allows us to look at things from a less biased and influenced perspective. Of course, nobody makes decisions on data alone. That lacks the necessary creativity and critical thinking that goes into running a business. It’s at this intersection where corporate professionals can find their niche.

Utilizing algorithms and AI programs to harness the power of statistics to provide detailed reports for upcoming strategy meetings is an essential transition modern companies must make. Rather than solely relying on the data or IT professionals, AI allows us to run more reports and analyze more data than what humans can achieve. It becomes the IT department’s role then to provide this data and findings to decision makers to pave a path forward.

Maximizing the potential of a corporation with AI

There’s a lot to be gained from introducing AI into the company. There are numerous benefits to the practice, including a more strategic use of data for future marketing and sales strategies. Likewise, AI isn’t here to replace humans but to actually make their most difficult jobs easier.

There’s so much at stake in the increasingly competitive corporate world. Any leg up on the competition should be taken seriously. Luckily, AI is a tool accessible to anyone willing to invest in its possibilities and utilize its functions. All it takes is the choice to finally implement it into the larger business plan.

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Chloe Kirby

Writer and Digital Marketer

Chloe is a writer and digital marketing professional. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and her Master’s Degree at Goldsmiths University in London, England. Chloe has professional experience in e-commerce, digital marketing and copywriting. For the last year she has been working in New York City.


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