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  • Practical Advice for Choosing Your First (or Next) SIEM
Report Rapid7 Practical Advice for Choosing Your First (or Next) SIEM

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions: Practical Advice for Choosing Your First (or Next) SIEM

As the security landscape has evolved, SIEMs have evolved as well - and trying to negotiate the security products market to find the right SIEM solution can be a challenge.

SIEM deployment projects often fail. Even after all these years, too many organizations struggle to deploy a new SIEM, achieve rapid success, and deliver a return on investment. More often than not, it’s because the chosen SIEM didn’t align with the specific needs, maturity, and resources of the organization deploying it.

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This guide will help you rein in the SIEM evaluation effort by quickly introducing today's SIEM market, including;

  • What SIEM solutions can offer
  • How their capabilities can align and customize to your specific needs
  • Top 3 capabilities every SIEM must provide
  • Questions to ask vendors to understand how well they deliver on that functionality