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Report Silver Peak Why Performance Matters When Building Your New SD-WAN

Why Performance Matters When Building Your New SD-WAN

Not all SD-WANs are created equal.

As enterprise IT considers ways to improve WAN functionality and service levels while lowering costs, the interest in SD-WANs has dramatically increased. Almost all of today’s SD-WAN solutions support dynamic path selection from multiple WAN services including MPLS and broadband Internet, centralised provisioning to increase IT efficiency and zero-touch provisioning to enable rapid deployment. Download this eBook to find out why performance matters when building your new SD-WAN.

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Traditional Deep Packet Inspection and port-level approaches have limitations in classifying applications at the branch edge, making intelligent decisions on where traffic leaves the enterprise WAN and dynamically determining the best performing path. To overcome these limitations, look towards SD-WAN solutions that include: 

  • First-packet application classification: Identifies the application type and enables internet breakout automation by steering specific, trusted SaaS and web-based application traffic directly to the internet.
  •  Granular and seamless security policies: Based on business intent steer applications directly to the Internet, secure web gateways or hub/HQ firewalls. 
  • Application-aware SaaS: continuously analyzes in real-time the optimum cloud connectivity path regardless of the SaaS physical location. 
  • Encrypted and secure VPN connections: To any site in any topology, simplifying networking to IaaS cloud services.