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  • Why CHROs and CLOs should care about the Metaverse
Ebook Strivr

Why CHROs and CLOs should care about the Metaverse

First ever Metaverse eBook for CLOs and CHROs

In this eBook, you’ll see how HR and learning leaders can bridge the gap to the Metaverse through the most proven, accessible, and impactful application: VR training.

Report Snap Shot

What you’ll find in the co-authored eBook from Strivr and Accenture: - Insights and statistics from Accenture’s global research on immersive learning in the enterprise

  • Why L&D should lead immersive initiatives in order to show business impact and ROI
  • Why the emerging Metaverse actually doesn’t change much today, but could change everything tomorrow
  • Suggestions for how L&D leaders should think about, plan for, and implement immersive learning solutions