Technical Support Outsourcing: What Does the Future Hold?


Costi TelemanFounder and CEO of IntelligentBee

Friday, March 8, 2019

Outsourcing is a reliable method for businesses looking to expand operations who don't have the internal capacity or skills to do so. As the trend of technical support outsourcing continues to grow, what will the future of this industry look like?

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Business outsourcing technical support to a young representative in a call center environment

Technical support outsourcing isn’t entirely new. In fact, the practice of hiring third party entities to manage a company’s business processes dates back to the latter half of the 19th century, although new models of outsourcing didn’t come about until the early 1990s.

The rationale of outsourcing then and now is quite different, too. In the past, when some countries were still trying to catch up on using modern technologies, companies sought the services of foreign engineers, developers, or technicians to teach local employees about the ins and outs of using those technologies.

These days, the outsourcing industry is designed to cater to consumers of the so-called on-demand economy, where people expect to receive products or services they need in an instant. No wonder, outsourced customer support is one of the top forms of outsourcing. You can never allow your customers to feel that they’re being given the roundabout when they reach out to your support team for clarification, inquiry, or assistance. Otherwise, customers will immediately start looking for other businesses that can provide the quality and level of customer service that they’re looking for.

As you can see, outsourcing continues to evolve across industries – from customer service to software development and many other disciplines. Here’s an infographic that you can use to study the future direction of outsourcing and its possible impact to your business.

 Technical Support Outsourcing: What the Future has in Store [Infographic]

Costi Teleman

Founder and CEO of IntelligentBee

Costi Teleman is the founder and CEO of IntelligentBee, a tech company focused on outsourced customer support and software development with operations in the US, Australia and Europe.


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