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Ebook 2021: The year of the CIO

2021: The Year of the CIO

Whether transforming how we interact, reshaping entire industries, or accelerating previous business trends, the global pandemic reshaped the work world for us all.

This past year, IT was called upon to keep organizations afloat by empowering a remote workforce, enabling digital-only engagements, and ensuring security. Along the way, the role of the CIO was refashioned. For some CIOs this was an acceleration of a previous trend; for others it was a drastic shift. Whatever the case, on top of technical expertise, CIOs are increasingly looked to for strategic business insight today. Just consider the numbers.

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“Gone were long-approval cycles and debates over our priorities. If it wasn't clearly obvious that it was needed, we didn't do it. And if it was needed, it needed to be done fast." — Linda Jojo EVP of Technology & Chief Digital Officer, United Airlines